1. TSURPAL Policy With Respect To Cookie Files

TSURPAL uses Cookie files and other similar technologies on its Web-sites by several reasons. This provision explains what Cookie files are and why do we use them.

By a term “cookie” in this document is taken to mean cookie files as well as other similar technologies, which do act in just similar fashion. By a term “computer” in this document is taken to mean computers, smartphones and other electronic devices enabling users to come to the Internet. This Policy with respect to cookie files applies equally to any of our websites, which is meant any websites connected with TSURPAL irrespective of a way of Internet access obtaining.

This provision explains how TSURPAL websites use Cookie files and the manner in which you could control using these files on the given site.

2. Information of Cookie

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are generated by the web server and that the website stores on a user’s device. Each site or third-party service will be able to send Cookie files to your browser in case your browser allows you to do this, but in order to protect personal data web browser provides a website or third-party service to gain access only to those Cookie files, which it had sent earlier. Cookie files received from other websites are inaccessible. A Cookie file contains anonymous information: a unique identifier, the name of the site and other important data.

Cookie files allow the site the opportunity to remember your settings or retain information about products that you have already added to the basket in the online store.

Cookie files can be sessional ones that are stored during your session of using one or another service and immediately deleted once you close you browser. Cookie files can also be permanent and be stored in the browser memory for a long time.

More detailed information about Cookie files can be found on websites: and

What is a browser?

The browser is an application that allows you to browse websites on the Internet. The most popular browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Most browsers are safe and provide an opportunity to remove quickly and easily such information as Cookie files.

Cookie files

You can choose how the cookies will be used by your device having changed your browser options. The most popular browsers allow cookie files to be processed as follows:

a) to accept all Cookie files;

b) to notify when Cookie files are used;

c) not to accept Cookie files.

If you choose not to accept Cookie files, the website will no longer work effectively and provide the service in full. Each browser is different, so we recommend that you apply to the software Help for details on setup and use of Cookie files.

Cookies and Personal Information

Cookie files themselves can not tell us your e-mail address or other personal information for as long as you do not specify it, for example, registering at one of our sites. Once you have agreed to give us your personal information, this information will be immediately added to the Cookie files data. The Cookie files are something like an ID card. They are unique to your computer and can only be read by the server that gave them to you.

3. Our Cookie Files and How Do We Use Them

We use Cookie files to improve functionality of our websites, increase understanding of the use of the website and provide more high-quality content; to increase productivity and the quality of the proposals of our sites. We also use the Cookie files in order to offer to users our products and services.

As a rule, the Cookie Files carry out the following tasks:

  • They help us to provide adequate security, as well as check and store your personal information, so you do not need to enter them every time as soon as you go to a new page.
  • They allow us to remember your decision to save the username and password in order not to enter them each time you pass to a new site.
  • They memorize what content is most important to you and what not, thus allowing us to change websites supplementing them with information that may interest you.
  • They ensure that in the case of purchasing a particular kind of product or service through our website all will happen quickly and safely.
  • They collect and store anonymous information, which allows us to understand better how visitors use our site and how we can improve the structure of our website.

Our websites use both sessional and permanent Cookie files.

We will inform you how you can exercise control over every type of Cookie files.

Types of Cookie files that can be used for a session of work with our website:

Personalizing Cookie files: these Cookie files are to be used to recognize users who have returned to the site more than once and use information they entered earlier. That is why, when you visit the website pages that you have reviewed earlier, you do not have to enter this information. These files are used to recommend content, which seems to us, you might like. You can disable your personalizing Cookie files coming out of the Facebook account. In order to permanently disable the personalizing Cookie files you need to uninstall Mirror application on the Setting page of your Facebook account.

Cookie files for website management: these files are to be used for retention of identification data or website session. For example, when our sites work on more than one server, we use the Cookies to make sure that you have sent information on one particular server (otherwise you may suddenly enter or exit the system). We can also use similar Cookie files when you vote in the poll in order to make sure that you have voted once only. You can use the comment function when not logged in (to hide comments you consider offensive and in order not to vote for comments more than once). These Cookie files can not be disabled individually, but you but you can modify your browser setting to ban all Cookies, if you do not want to use them.

Cookie files of the third-party services and analytical services

Cookie files of the third-party services

Of the third-party services we use Google Analytics and.

REES46 is a technology of personalized products recommendations for online retailers, which, analyzing the actions of buyers makes assumptions which products would interest customers and in which stages. Detailed information can be found at website


Google Analytics service provides us with anonymous information on statistics. The service operates with IP-addresses, as well as with information about the Cookie files that are used on our websites, so we can find out how many people visit our site, how many of them are browsing certain pages and which browsers do they use. This allows us to improve the compatibility of our services to more people, and sometimes to learn what kind of users live in which countries and regions. Sometimes IP-addresses and information from the Cookie files are processed outside the European Economic Area, and in this case we guarantee that they will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

If you want to learn more about Cookie files used in Google Analytics, you should click on the link below:

Google Analytics:

5. Blocking of Cookie files

Most browsers allow you to refuse the use of Cookie files. The following links help you to learn more information on how you can control the Cookie files in your web-browser. But you should remember that disabling the Cookie files is not limited to this website only, but also to all other ones.

Blocking of Cookie files may have a negative effect on the performance of many websites.

6. Removal of Cookie files

You have the possibility to delete the Cookie files stored on your computer. To this aim it’s enough to follow instructions of your browser. Again take into consideration that removal of the Cookie files may have a negative effect on the performance of many websites.

More detailed information about deleting the Cookie files can be found here:

7. Other information

These terms and conditions may change from time to time without noticing users, so in order to stay in touch with the latest amendments we recommend you to return periodically to this document.

In order to ask your question of the policy related to the Cookie files you can contact us by e-mail: Do not forget to specify which of the websites your question is concerned with.

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