It all started with the round shapes !

Not believing the stereotypes and the rules since I was a child, always wanted to do something of my own. I love brands and their heritage... but I always thought that expressing yourself with your own attitude is cool...and not implementing  what big brands want to say... 

Pretty simple right ? And one day I after trying on a billions on rounds shape sunnies without any husband asked me: “Why don’t you create one that suits you?!”  So I thought light, bulletproof and timelessly “IN”

Snap shape - the inspiration came from that amaaaazing filter on snap chat ! Lol 

So everything about our brand is simple and strait forward :
Styling and fitting is developed with our designer team in South Korea 
Great quality is achieved with Japanese materials ! Top on the market 
And we are super confident in what we do so we are based in Geneva


Sincerely yours!

Tsurpal TEAM.


We are happy to announce our new eyewear collection...